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If you had 100 dollars in dimes, you would have 1000 coins. To determine how much this amount of coins would weigh, two factors would need to be considered: are the dimes American or Canadian, and when were the dimes made. Silver Roosevelt dimes of the United States were used until 1964, and were replaced by cupronickel alternatives a year later. Also, silver proof coins for collectors have been made from 1992 to the present. If you have 1000 cupronickel dimes, together they would weigh 2.268 kg (5 lb), while 1000 silver dimes would weigh 2.5 kg (5.51 lb). If you happen to have 1000 Canadian dimes made of nickel, they would have a combined weight of 2.07 kg (4.56 lb), while 1000 silver Canadian dimes when combined would weigh 2.33 kg (5.14 lb).

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